Saturday, 19 January 2013




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  1. Not to happy... when we call to book an appointment with Moira Vet... We get turned down as Moira Vet is not taking on new patients at the moment but yet you say you want to be our first choice that we pick to care for our fury pets? Our pup has some serious skin issues and we are tired and in debt due to trial and error with the vet we have now. We would love to get our fury family member in with a new vet and heard your the best but I'm not seeing that when I call twice in 3 months and get turned down twice. Lexi has a serious skin condition which is so far unknown? Bumps in between paws and scab up and sometimes bleeds a bit and is allergic to Resolution and has allergies and on a d/d diet which we kinda wanna get her off of.
    She had crystals in her urine when we first brought her home. Loyalist Vet has no clue what it is and we will need to take her to a Dermatologist. We just want a new vet that maybe has some experience because obviously Loyalist does not.
    We're understanding and Really hear good things about Chris. SO PLZ PLZ HELP OUR LEXI LU Thanks Mikey.